“We have chosen to engage in the Jonathan Project because, frankly . . . as conservative as we are . . . there are a number of [our members] who aren’t registered to vote.”

Robert Jeffress



What is the Jonathan Project?

The Jonathan Project is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to encourage all people of faith – regardless of political party – to register and vote in local, state, and national elections. We offer teaching materials and training to register and turn out evangelical voters in general elections.

What does the Jonathan Project offer our Church?

Jonathan Project provides training and teaching materials to participating churches, including: ● four weeks of small group curriculum;
● video interviews and discussion,
● sermon starters to supplement preaching content. All materials are provided at no cost to the church.

Can we supplement the curriculum?

Churches are free to use the material in any way they see fit and even tailor the information to their own needs and time constraints. Our objective is that Christ be glorified through His people’s vote.

What training and support is available to our Church?

We assist churches in planning, training volunteers, and organizing voter registration efforts. This is done most efficiently via video conference. We are availalble to talk through your specific circumstances to make this a successful emphasis.

Can we legally register voters at church?

A pastor or church may freely express its convictions and beliefs short of promoting specific candidates. The Jonathan Project focuses on encouraging people of faith, regardless of party affiliation, to register and vote in elections.

What, specifically, does our church need to do?

When partnering with the Jonathan Project, we ask churches to designate a person or team to lead voter registration. We offer training and planning for your team. We will assist them in every possible way and offer suggestions that encourage their success.

When does the program start?

Training should begin as soon as the church decides to work with the Jonathan Project. We encourage churches to use the teaching material and sermon focus in September 2020, ahead of the October voter registration deadline, but the planning and training should begin this summer.